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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Replaced my stock carb with an NT. Now I get real good low end and medium throttle but it tops out at the upper end.

Do I re-jet it right away or play with that goofy pin in the carb barrel?
Right now it's in the middle position. I played with this pin in with my stock carb and it didn't really do anything (I'm thinking about dropping it one notch anyway).

With the new carb the oscillation is gone and from zero to 15 mph it bolts like a stripped ape. It just seems to run out of fuel at max and my brother just pulls away.

My brother re-jetted by drill press and it didn't do anything until he pulled a little choke and now it's freaking amazing through the entire throttle range! Speaking of choke all my choke does is kill the engine, cold/hot/or slightly warm choke is always bad. It starts fine with out the choke but boggles until it warms up 15-20 seconds.

And now I haven't pulled the plug yet, but I'm sure it's lean at full throttle.
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