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Originally Posted by Roadapple
Since this gas tank thread is still going I'll throw in my question. I am looking for someone who will modify a Felt cruiser with the top tube gas tank or a vender who sells a Felt cruiser frame (Felt Cavnas) with the modification completed.
I don't have the skills or the inclination to do the fabrication myself and am willing to pay someone for their expertise.
Thanks for any leads,
Find any takers on this? I would suspect that taking on the liability of a leaking frame would be enough to keep someone from offering the service. After reading what is involved and assuming I'd have to ship my frame to have it done, I'd still be curious if a shop is offering the service and at what fee. I'm with Roadapple on this one. If there's wet epoxy I'm going to stick my fingers in it and then smudge something important to me. It's the way it is with me and wet glue.
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