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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

About that acid wash I was wondering if the stuff used for copper circuit board etching would be OK to use. I don't want to buy more stuff like the muriatic acid for pool ph adjustment if I have other stuff just as good.

I have a bottle of circuit board etchant (ferric chloride I think) and when done can rid of it by bringing to the Hazardous Household Drop Off Day for free for residents in the county where I live.

I know that using the opposite of acid alkaline in a weak form like baking soda and water wash was used on battery exterior to neutralize any seepage on the older batteries that were not sealed. I used to measure the specific gravity with the hydrometer for charge measurement with the removable caps back then. Anyway I'd use a neutralizing wash after the etch and then rinse with plain water a lot.

I want to get chrome plating off metal so I can weld sheet metal without that contaminant messing with the steel or stainless steel.

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