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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Originally Posted by ricland View Post
I really don't understand why anyone would mess around with one of these bike motors when they can spend a few more dollars and get a moped.

Bikes aren't built for these motors; mopeds are built from the ground up for their motors.

What's the point?

Its quite simple - you can build/tinker and invent with these machines - with a moped you just sit on it and thats as far as you go.

Not to mention - its a pushbike - it doesnt need insurance, it doesnt need to be taxed - it does more to the gallon of petrol than any other form of transport and its no less reliable than a moped if the industrial engines are used. Additionally you can tune these machines much more to what you require than you can a moped...

I would love to see a spavined NSU Slowly or modern moped try and make it up a steep hill like porlock (1:4).. that with the right setups and tuning a cyclemotor can take with ease - and even if it cant you can pedal assist and pedal yourself home if you need to..

A moped gains in merely two things - instruments and bodywork... and all bodywork does is add more weight...

plus of course - I would never, ever be seen riding one lol

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