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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I'm expecting no ants with this tank and sure do hope it holds gas. I see in their literature that they have a paint kit for hot rod and motorcycle frames, either brush on or can be used with a spray gun and is supposed to flow nicely and give a rock hard surface. They also have a diamond clear coat of the same stuff. I was thinking that a bike painted with that would last forever. Their clear coat can be used directly on bare metal. I've always liked the look of a frame stripped down and showing the brazing, etc. That would be cool to have a clear coated bare metal surface for a real "I am a machine" look without ever rusting away on you. I like their products if not fond of their prices. I guess you get what you pay for.

Steve, I didn't try sanding it with a palm sander and sand paper, but I don't think it would tend to gum up the paper. It is too hard for that. I used an old flap disc so it would not be too aggressive and it took awhile to get drips and runs smoothed out. I didn't try to get real smooth as I was figuring to use Bondo to get a good surface. I wanted to leave as much of the sealer as possible on the welds. Even so, I sanded down to bare metal in a couple of spots. (Please don't leak!) Like Tom, I have some of the sealer on the work table surface that I suspect will be there for a very long time. Seems like good stuff.
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