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I actually used the old original bike rack that was on that old farm cruser I revamped into....Da Da Da Daaaaaaaa..."ZAT'S MOTOR GOOSE" Then I went down to the Army surplus store and found a slue of packs and Carry alls and tool bags and ammo bags and packs. ITS A SMORGASBOARD OF BAGGERY! And cheep too! $12.00 a bag! Well I bought two bags where the top flaps over then buttons on each side of the bag corners. I believe they held marker lights, Got about a 5" U.S. stencled in the center of the bag. Looks cool as H$ll. Then velcro'd the tops together and hung the buggers over the rack like THEM THAR COWBOYS DO! So when I figure out how to get a picture from my Iphone to here ill post pic's of the old motor Goose.
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