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Default Re: Tricks to sealing the intake Cheap wize!!

I've had a leak problem with a 66 speed carb- the "o" ring seems to help, but the real source seems to be that the slots cut in the carb intake sleeve extend back too far- past the clamp-

It started when I switched from the original longer billet intake to the newer shorter one, which doesn't seem to then extend up the sleeve to cover the long slots as well. If I had a soldering iron (Lost mine in the flood and never replced- I might try to put some flux behind the clamp and over the slots- an o ring inside and an electrical tape wrap under the clamp on the outer carb sleeve seems to be doing a good job. The tape bunch up when I put the carb on, but still covers the long slots.

I guess you could use JB Weld or that stuff above or maybe just gasket goo, but that would be sloppy. A rubber OUTER O ring woyuld be good behind the clamp. I had put a nylon tie on it but that didn't work- one with some rubber under it probably would-

If the tape fails, that's what I'll try next.
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