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Default Re: Tricks to sealing the intake Cheap wize!!

I have never had any problem with leaks on my CNS carb. When I installed the intake manifold I used gasket sealer on the motor and manifold, I don't use any sealer on the junction of the intake and the carb. The rubber grommet in the throat of the carb seals just fine for me, the white spacer is just that, a spacer, not a seal. I replaced the original screw and nut on the throat of the carb with one that I can tighten better and that pretty much did the trick. When I install the carb I push it back until it bottoms out, then wiggle it a bit until it slips into the divot in the black seal, then while pushing it firmly on toward the intake I tighten the screw. (pull the black seal out of the carb once and fit it on the end of the intake to get a feel for what you are dealing with) I have never had it come loose or leak on me so far in 1000+ miles...
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