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Default Re: Clutch techniques/fine tuning

Sorry sir, but I think your question has been answered several times and explained sufficiently. It is not a motorcycle. The clutch needs help when starting or when coming to a stop. Slipping the clutch as you might do starting off from a dead stop on a motorcycle is not a good thing. You will put a lot of wear on the clutch components. The 2 cycle bicycle engine/clutch is designed to be pedaled up to speed before engaging the clutch or be disengaged when traveling at low speeds.

If your physical limitations will not allow you to do that there are options.

Centrifugal clutch: Whereby the engagement is determined by engine speed. Even these, depending on rider weight will benefit from a little pedal assist.

4 cycle engine with a transmission/centrifugal clutch. More low rpm torque is available but still it is a bicycle engine and as such starting from a dead stop or at very low speeds it might not be able to do what you want.

I don't know any other way to explain these facts to you. Sorry if we haven't been able to offer you alternatives that will suffice. What you have and what most of us have are motorized bicycles...not motorcycles. They have to be ridden and operated differently.

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