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Default Re: Clutch techniques/fine tuning

Originally Posted by SavageBlunts904 View Post
I guess from the replies i asked the wrong questions. Does it damage the clutch if i use it like a motorcycle. Ofc while pedaling it to speed. I have a broken hip so i cannot just haul but to 10mph very easily.
You can use it like any motorcycle clutch, but keep in mind that you don't normally take off from a stop on a motorcycle in top gear.

If you want to drive off from a dead stop using only the clutch you need low gearing if you want your clutch pads to last very long. If you don't weight too much you can probably get away with a 44T rear sprocket for a while. More teeth would be better, but top speed will suffer.

Another consideration is, if police see you riding away from stops without peddling, you could run into legal issues, because in Florida if your bike is self propelled it's a motor vehicle.
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