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Default Re: hello from splendora TX \m/ >.< \m/

Thanks man - I dig it too - little history on the bike. My mom bought me that bike back in 93 new and I never rode it ( always had a car to get around and I live miles from nowhere). Was originally a 18 speed. Over the years it has had a ridiculous amount of stuff piled on top of it and was totally forgotten about. About a month ago I learned of these kits you could get and thought wow since I was stoopid young I've always wanted a motor on my bicycle - I always thought it would look killer. So I called up moms and asked her if she still had it and of course she said yes and if I wanted I could come get it. I wasted no time and drove over there and picked it up and tossed it in the trunk and took it home.
The first time I rode it I discovered the back rim had been bent horribly from all the junk piled on it and although I made everal attemts to true it up it was just too bad. So, I scrapped it along with both derailers and pirated the 20in disney princess wheel with coaster brake and shortened the chain. Rode perfect and plus I dug the stance.
Then I sprayed the frame, stickers and all, and the pink rim a glorious shade of flat black. Then I ordered the first kit I ran across on ebay - an all black boygofast slant head.
The kit arrived on a wednesday night at 7 and was on the bike and ready to rock by 11pm that same night. Had a head gasket issue but thanks to this forum I was aable to custom make one from a monster can I had. Was too late to take it out so like a kid on christmas I had trouble getting to sleep. The next morning I got up and messed around for an hour or two (didn't wanna upset the neighbors at 7am) and took the bike out for first test ride after naking sure I has every thing tight and gassing up with my already mixed weed whacker gas. It cranked with no problems first try and I was immediately pleased as I thought it was gonna be a turd when I ordered it. Had no problem hauling me around.
I had decided to see if it would make it to the stor which is 2 miles from my house. I made it there no problems keeping it bout half throttle. On my way back bout half way I heard popping noises from the clutch/ gear side so I shut it down and peddled the last mile back to the house. Immediately upon returning to my house I removed the cover to find metal shavings and ball bearings all inside the cover.
I ordered replacement parts and slapped it back together but can't get it to fire up so I am ordering another engine tomorrow and will be back on the road by end of next week(super excited again). As for the not running motor I'm gonna tear it down and do what I can to bullet proof it and do all the sweet porting mods to it so when I grenade the second one I will has a sik spare.
And that's where I am atm and will be posting updates along the way
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