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Default Re: What is Your favorite speed?

Most of the speed claims are a bit absurd I think- but some guys like to squeeze every rPM out of a screaming motor-
Me? I want the thing to last and not be tinkering with it all the time.
A 36 or smaller sprocket is essential though, as it allows you to reach surface street traffic speeds with a LOT less reving and noise and vibration. I like those more narrow wheels and tires and try to give the bike and motor every practical adbvantage I learned from road racing bicycles.
But you must be comfirtable with the ride- after 14 years of racing the narrow thing is still comforatble- and efficient. But I'm always looking ahead and ready. 25 and 30 stills feels pretty fast on a bike in traffic, and I still have basically the same bicycle brakes.
I DO NOT want to crash.
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