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Default Re: Transporting a motor bicycle - on its side...

Thank You both for the input!
Hmmm, I have not even tried lifting the bike into the back of the truck since mounting the motor and boy do I feel the difference and I anticipate some awkwardness. It's the tilting of the bike to get the handlebars under the lowest point of the shell (the beginning) that makes it this way. Without the shell it'd be no problem.
I think I may be able to support the bike at about a 45 degree angle, so it wouldn't be totally "on it's side". Anyway I'm going to try this at least once because I'm planning on transporting it tomorrow. (25 min trip and the reason I don't just ride it there is because it's ultimately going to be my starting point and need to leave my truck there)

I actually sold a Bauer Swing Away Receiver Hitch Bike Rack that I had not used in 5 years just about a year ago. Ouch. But, hey, one of the reasons I let it go (it was top of the line at the time) was the awkwardness/heaviness of the darn thing when it came to storing it. Also, it cost a fortune so I held out against the lowballers on craigslist and finally got 175 of the 200 I was asking.
As I recall when I was checking out what was available to people shopping mine against others, I saw the non swing away ones were a lot less than the Bauer I originally had.
So, it may be time to pick up a new one, and make it a simpler, lighter, easier to store one! (For hopefully no more than about 175, hah)
I'm seriously going to be shopping for one, most likely an internet order.
If anybody would like to recommend any in particular, I'd like to hear what you have to say. I will say that I do need a very sturdy one cause my bike feels very heavy now... and capable of holding two bikes.
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