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Default Re: can a shimano coaster e-110 hub be flipped for left side drive?

Originally Posted by beltbuckle View Post
... By this I mean the guts of the hub removed and installed so that the sprocket is on the left side and brake arm on the right?
if the hub shell was symmetrical (it isn't) then if you did what you're thinking above, it would be the exact thing as putting the wheel on backwards, with the drive sprocket on the left.

then when you pedaled (or powered) forward, it would lock up the brake. if you pedaled backwards, you'd go backwards.

you'd have to literally reverse engineer the hub, meaning you'd have to get an opposite threaded driver (part 11) and the clutch cone (part 9.)

the coaster brake works like this; as you pedal forward, the threaded driver screws into the clutch cone, taking the pressure off the brake shoes.

when you back pedal to stop, the driver unscrews from the clutch cone, and the cone pushes under the shoes, driving them up into the hub shell.

to reverse the drive, you'd need to reverse the threads.
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