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Default Re: It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

Originally Posted by Jemma Hawtrey View Post

The bike is at the moment my own form of transport so I ride it quite alot. I think on this machine I am somewhere around the 1000 mile mark. I did about 20 miles or so yesterday.

The longest trip I usually do is Lexden to Mersea which is around a 22 mile round trip depending on the route you take.

Building mine was more challenging than the last one I did mainly because its a bike with a lot of new technology on it for me. I have never before done anything with coaster brakes nor have I had the joys of hub gears but it runs fine now. I had a period after having the pipe welded/fitted where it broke spokes but it seems that it doesnt want to do that any more - although I learned how to replace them (and get them around the joy that is a GEBE sheave) without too much problem.

I know halstead - and my ex partner (a few back) lives in Braintree - so I know it a little... I havent ever ridden up there mainly because I am a little lary of the A120 and the odd maniac that'll try and take you out lol (plus it'd be damn freezing going up there at this time of year). I had the joys of being born and brought up in Layer... talk about boring.

I wouldnt recommend the belt skirt method of police evasion - if the ones out your way are anything like the colchester lot they are a little, how shall I say, behind the times, when it comes to things like that

Have you found the NACC buzzing site yet.... they have a lot of interesting info on the British autocycle scene - would love to see what they would make of mine... its a strange fusion of periods - a retro '40s-50s style bike with belt drive (from the earliest bikes) and a screamer of a modern two stroke. At the moment it does, flat out, more miles per hour than it has cc's and will cruise happily at a smidgen under 30mph. Most of the autocycles had to take 98cc's to get that sort of speed

Although I do wonder what the police would say if they spotted the 750ml screw top wine bottle full of petrol in a holder clamped to the seat stay pipe (and remembering the wine that was in it - the petrol would probably taste better).

How long have you been up suffolk way?

Jemma xx
Hi Jemma,

Nice to hear from you again, your bike sounds pretty good! I so enjoyed making mine that I sort of want to do another one, you know the scene, I could make a second one miles better than I did the first etc!!

You asked for how long I'd lived in the wilds of suffolk, well I've certainly been around, briefly, I was born in Bedford, then, in order, moved to: Gravesend, Keighley, Gravesend, Bradford, Gravesend, Halstead, Leavenheath, Bury St Edmunds, finally arriving here in Bardwell about 10 years ago. I now have no intentions of ever moving again, I love it here. It's a very small village with just a pub, church and post office, surrounded by fields and only 10mins away from the forests around Thetford etc.

I spent yesterday "fiddling" with my bike. It started off as an old Raleigh mountain bike, which I bought (pretty clapped out) from a mate for twenty quid and then dumped in one of my sheds for a few years. About a month ago I stumbled across this "motorized Bike" lark, by accident, when searching for something else via google! Needless to say I was sold on the idea almost immediately!!

I thought it was a good idea to "re-cycle" the ol' mountain bike in this manner, and I'm bl**dy glad I did, the last time I had as much fun as this was when I set my arm alight whilst trying to re-light the hot bar-b-q with meths last summer!!

With the 50 tooth sprocket I can just get 30mph, which I think is more than enough for my particular donor bike (the lesser toothed sprockets can give me 40mph, but the thing is totally unsafe/insane at those speeds. I took it out for a 27 mile spin on Sun, and it seems hapiest at about 25mph. On the very bumpy lanes around here that speed seems to be about the most my backside can take for any amount of time!

Nowadays I only work 4 mornings a week about 10 miles away in Bury, and am in the process of plucking up enough courage to start using my bike for the journey.........ever tried yours in the snow?

I'm not sure I got the right end of the stick in your message, is your bike belt driven? If so do you mean the engine drive or the pedal drive?

Best get on now, I want to look up the NACC buzzing site. Catch you soon,

Steve xx
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