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Default Re: Well, this could be handy to noobs mixing gas & oil

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Yea I've got that calculator already bookmarked for the metric use. Their master converter is always handy, for sure.

Some kits come with the smaller 1.5L, or the bigger 2.5L. I just checked bikeberry for sizes, and they even have a 3.5L(out of stock though). Ooh, they have the 2.5L under rack tanks! There's whizzer tanks too that are 3.7L(1gal).

Bikeberry's tank page for reference.

So if you mix up 2.5L's and it doesn't all fit, you have the 1.5L I wouldn't recommend filling to the top of the tank, unless you bring a rag with you. The cheapy caps are notorious for leaking from sloshing.

You ain't kidding about the leaking and sloshing, last weekend I topped both our tanks off and just rolling them down the driveway I noticed spillage.
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