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Default Re: What is Your favorite speed?


I'm Always shutting the motor down when I know I'm gonna hit a light or come to a stop sign-

My bikes will coast three blocks or more with their narrow wheels once I get up to speed- a good half mile with no headwind.
so I figure every bit that I coast with the motor off is a bit really more like good ole bike riding- and then there's still the bits I pedal- in the parking lots or perusing garbage or in the park.

When I fist shut off and I'm at about 25 or 30 it always reminds me of just after the finish of a road race or criterium- at the end of the sprint, and I'm just really moving-

I get up on the pedals and just enjoy the moment- slalom around a bit
and I didn't have to ride a 100 miles or pedal up to speed to get there.
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