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Default What got you interested in Motorized Bicycles?

I didn't even know you could motorize a bike 4 months ago!
I am a road cyclist (say what you will, haha) and I commute about 1 to 2 times per week 16 miles each way to work on a 700c road bike. It is a nice ride, but I don't want to do it every day.
One day I was killing time on Craigs List and looking at motorcycles. I have no interest in buying one, just like to brows and see whats out there.
I came across a post where someone had listed a motorized mountain bike they had built with their kid. It was a 24" bike. The description basically said it was a fun father son project. What peaked my interest initially was the ad was for $100! I thought, "Well, heck, I'll buy that just for kicks."
I called and called, the guy never returned my calls. So I started looking around.
I ended up buying a donor bike on Craigslist, and a motor from GasBike (not the best experience.)
Now I am hooked. I ride to work and back 6 times on 1 gallon of gas. That works out to 96 mpg! Much better than my truck. And I am still in break in and trying to get the carb tuned properly!
I can't wait till I get all the (most of) bugs worked out of my first build.
This is a great hobby, and form of transportation!
I am also greatful that I found! What a great recourse full of great people!
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