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Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
well don, i guess you didn't view the link i posted or read any of the previous posts... the link shows 3 different sized pistons & venice posted that there are indeed 3 different sizes just that none of them are truely 80cc. I realize there has been a lot of debate on what the true size of these engines are but it doesn't matter to me what they call them, i just want mine to all be the same size so that the parts are interchangeable...

they're all 49cc if you ask me at least thats what i'll be sayin if i ever get pulled over

Geezer. I saw your post, and looked at your link. I didn't think the two on the right are very different. If they were, oops, my bad.

I have always had motorcycles waaaay before I even looked at motorizing bicycles.
BIKNUT was right, R1 is a 998. ZX6Rs are 636s.

But, some engines are pretty much close. The 49cc bikes are called 49cc because they're 49cc. 66cc is called 66cc, but often the 80cc motors are mistaken for 80cc, when they're actually 66cc.

Use the search tab, and look at the posts. There are a million other posts just like this one that say the same thing..
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