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Default Re: Replacing my motor

I really like the look of the DAX KTMC GP50R !! 49CC, 9HP!!
As for mounting, I would email DAX about that or give a call and explain you want to change from a typical 2-stroke 66cc over to one of his motors. Looks like your gonna need a couple motor mounts bolted or welded to the bike frame that you can put a bolt through to mount the engine, I would guess DAX has something to use for that already? It's obviously gonna be more complicated than a standard kit build, but you've already been through that, right? Maybe its time for the next step? I would call or email DAX and have details ready about what you want, and what you got, specially info about your bike (frame dimensions, crank width etc), and I am sure they will help you make a proper informed decision....
I wish I had the cash around to make a similar move, though I would probably need a complete new bike cause my current frame is so small a standard china girl with a shorty intake and angle fire plug barely fits....
Good luck to you no matter what you decide, and I look forward to reading you post about your progress.....
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