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Default Re: Are these bikes fun, or is it just me?

My story is just about the same only I'm 57 years old . I got back into bikes a few years ago but went right for the motorized bicycles. I'm disabled so the bicycle is easy to control and not too overly fast. I have a 1953 Columbia with a Monarch front fork set (springer)It's running a Thats Dax 65cc with a 36 tooth rear sprocket and will do an easy honest 30 MPH . The bike was cheap cause all I got was the frame and forks . I have a super HD Rim set with the bigest spokes I've ever seen on a bicycle . The rims are Worksman and came from a solid tire factory bike.I used a HUGE seat from an exersize bike and doubled the padding and used an old leather jacket to cut up to cover it.It's on one of those pitched back (braced) seat posts so you sit a good 6 to 8 inches farther back than norm.I braced it down to the rear axel like an old banana seat to stablize it . Its a one gear bike with coaster brakes that will lock up when they get warmlike on a long downhill. Well the bike is gonna get a better paint job soon. It's now flo. Orange and looks good only a bit dull. Well gotta go its late....Tom .
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