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Default Replacing my motor

Hey guys, I am thinking of replacing my crappy chinese 2 stroke with somethign more powerful. Currently, my bike eats so much gas thats its just overall better for me to drive my car. And it goes slow. I want to get my motor from

hes got this 3HP 2 stroke with a quiet muffler for 149.99 "TITAN T50S Super 2 stroke 3hp high performance engine. "

And also for more money, but what seems to be really great build quality " DAX GP 50R Air cooled 9 hp power plant" for 500.

I want something that I can easily cruise at 30 mph and have more power to go faster just in case. Something that isnt super loud, more reliable then my current 66cc.

My question is, if I buy the 3HP 2 stroke, will it be hard to mount ? Will I need new parts, or will it go right where my old motor was?

I have no problem spending more money for the 9HP motor, and that seems like a lot of fun als, but again, how hard is it to mount? Does anybody have any experience doing this sort of thing?
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