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Talking Mystery bogging, uncovered.

Couldn't for the life of me figure out what was causing my F80 to bog around WOT. Checked plug, seemed good n chocolate. Wire, good connect. Adjusted my needle - siliconed any potential leaks...then as I'm tinkerin around, I tip my carb over just a little too much and there goes the bowl contents, through my air filter inlet. So, of course I pop off the cover to dry the material out and wouldn't ya choke cover was cock-eyed and the nut was loose. Seems that with choke in fully open position, the cover was still protruding over air intake hole 1/4-1/8 of it's opening. Anyway, tightened that sucker down and eyed about how far I could adjust it up or down without over-extending it and throwing off the nut adjustment. Apparently these choke arm assemblies have a weak connection the the plate (I KNOW, BIG SURPRISE - RIGHT?)...just one more thing to add to the updated edition of "Motorized Bicycles For Dummies". The "dummy" being me. Thank god for this forum tho, without it I wouldn't even have known the motors had a choke.

Pedaled it, started it, got up to around WOT = smoooooth.
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