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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

What's funny is that I actually would feel safer on a motorized bicycle than a scooter. I would also feel safer on a motorcycle than on a scooter.
Scooters have that one true disadvantage that you cannot ride on the bike trails or sidewalks where you are safe from the 2 ton and more drivers of death cars,trucks and semi's. And no way are you fast enough for them.
I mean even if you have a 110 cc powered scooter than can go 45 mph without breathing hard that's still only 3rd gear on a manual car. And when your top speed is only 35 it gets even worst.
Motorized bicycles can go 15 mph all day. Cars see a bicycle and will pass you,not tailgate you if you are on a scooter.
Then on the flip side,a motorcycle is as fast if not faster than a car so having a 2 ton car tailgating you would be a rarity.
So bottom line,scooters are more dangerous than motorized bicycles and motorcycles and you don't want to be caught riding one.
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