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Default Re: Going a different direction with my second build

You're just about on the same path I was. I built up a Micargi cruiser first, but because I was a road cyclist back in the day, I thought I'd put a 50 on a roadbike and as light as possible, but still a bike I could shut down and pedal as normal as possible.

My second build is still that- but when I started to build up a Schwinn World Traveller I found the frame clearances were more of an issue- not insurmountable- but I didn't want something to fidget with all the time- Don't know about a shift kit- haven't used that but been a bike mechanic in shops a few times and around cycling for 40 plus years

the kicker was though that the top tube was too short for the both tank and any kind of normal peddling- and I didn't want a rear tank particularly-

So- since the cruiser frames have come a LONG WAY- in terms of weight- I still did the same basic striving for a lightweight normal pedlling approach thing- but used a Huffy Cruiser frame-

and I used narrow 700C wheels- a lightweight alloy 3 piece crank, alloy bars and stem- even titanium clutch cover bolts- and I bolted an alloy sprocket to a flip flop hub- saving all that steel sprock and ragjoint weight- and even found a light 415 trike chain- about half the kit weight. I use a smaller tank, and it's never a problem- I'm never more than 5 miles from home it seems.

I had to push it upstairs and at least don't have to do that now.

And it really now pedals almost like a road bike and zips along under power

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