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Default Re: Clutch techniques/fine tuning

i think so. its just a regular BGF 49cc.

After i am going with the motor idling to warm up i let out the clutch very slowly like a motorcycle and if i release it all the way it jumps alot. if i keep it just a little bit from full clutch release it works perfectly. when i release the level fully is when its jumping. I am trying to find a way to tune it so there is no jumping when i release it fully.

with slow speeds i have no jumps if i hold the handle just a little bit. but if i release all the way it jumps like crazy. which ofc wears on everything

let me add that i am using a cns v3 carb from a china girl 48 cc. and the exhaust from it as well. the bgf has to have the extra wide crank for any chance of clearance without bending the pipe. even the smaller china exhaust hits the crank.
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