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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Sweet!!! are those .30 cal boxes?

meanwhile, I took my beastie out for a romp, had a grand old time! not so much as a hiccough! More reliable than my first car and three times as pretty! This thing is in it's third year of operation and it just gets better... OH! If yer carb float tends to flood with fuel (common on the NT carb), here's what you do-
use the smallest drill bit you can find and drill into the SIDE of the float right where it's glued together... rotate 180 and drill into the opposite side, Use a bit of air pressure on one hole to expell fuel from the other. Allow to dry for a week. Swab the inside fenistration (created hole) with grey PVC cement (assuming this is an NT carb) as well as the seam where it's glued together covering the holes you drilled. Allow to set for 48 hrs. Assemble your carb and forget about it.
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