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Default Identifing China 2 Stroke Engines

How Y'all,

I'm Nick from South Alabama. A new nick to world of motorized bicycle. A retired old fart on fixed income. Beat up bad on retirement plans. 2 Artificial knees. Hate to pay more than $0.35 gal for gas. ( I worked at service station in highschool and sold it for $0.25.9 gal. The above is why I am getting into motor biking. THANKS for letting me in.

Recently I ordered a "80cc" 2 stroke thru Ebay. I had heard mention of some quality control problems with some of the engines. I was not prepared for what I got. I begin to have suspisions when I saw the box. No company name. No product name. No return address. The User Manual was a BAD joke. Well I wanted a motorized bike so I decided I would see if I could figure it out by looking at the photo on the cover. A couple of the parts were defective. I contacted the Calif. seller. Their excuse was the manufactury provided the user manual. The seller had No expertise with the engine. I have had to threaten contacting Ebay,BBB, ect. to get any help. They only wanted me to give them the highest Ebay sellers rating. I hope to get the defective parts replaced. The seller did promise me a "beautiful watch if I would give him a high grade. Well I told him it would be a cold day in Alabama before I gave him a high rating. Also told him where, in his lower abdomen he could stick the beautiful watch. Well I have probally burnt my bridges on getting replacement parts from him. This might be an issue because no where on the engine do I see any names, mod. numbers, ect. How can I order parts? From who? I will be depending on you guys to share your knowledge and experience. Wish I had found y'all 1st. By the way we are putting the engine on a 25yr old Huffey mountain bike. See Y'all later, need to pick my cotton.

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