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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Thanks for the input, you guys, and a special thanks to Norm of Venice Bikes who kindly offered me a bottle of Kreem sealer. I did some research today on the internet and found mixed reviews on Kreem, some saying it will not hold up to ethanol and others saying they've had no trouble with it. I decided not to chance it

I've used a POR 15 rust control kit on a rusted out Suzuki Samurai some years ago with great results and considered purchasing their tank seal kit. I also read some sterling recommendations for the KBS kit. in the end I decided on the KBS kit and just now ordered it for $48.00 with shipping. (gulp). I only want to do this once and be done with it. The kit is supposed to ship out tomorrow so I'm hoping to have it later in the week and the deed done by next weekend. Then on to prep for primer, gloss black tractor paint and follow that up with tractor clear coat. I'll allow whatever curing time is recommended so I may not have this tank on the bike until the end of June.
Norm, once again I want to thank you for your kind offer. It will not be forgotten.
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