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Default Re: New Motor Option to consider?

Originally Posted by Tohri View Post
My immidiate reaction to that motor was 'Why not put a propeller on the thing in pusher config, and rack mount that sucker!'

You know, if you wanted facemelting top end. XD Just mount a stock happytime in frame, and when you get up to speed, declutch. the happytime is just there for boosting up to speed.

i have actually been looking into the propeller idea, i have heard that it actually is pretty effective and cheap/ easy to do once i can get my hands on a prop i am going to mount a weedeater motor on a rack on the back of a giant awesome, however i do recommend using a shroud of somekind the ones ive seen are just open (nothing like taking the heads off of pedestrians i guess) im definately using a shroud
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