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Default Re: Motorized Bike BOAT

I always wondered if PVC plastic pipe would work. ABS, although cheaper, does not like UV/sunlight and is flammable. (Can buy both big enough to crawl threw) Not that I have tried it but think it would need weep holes on the bottom. There would be condensation and expansion due to heat.

Pre-made straps and hardware are available in the same isles of Lowe's/Home Depot etc. Also caps and glue. Or a local plumbing supply place will go nutz and jump threw hoops to help you. You have the cool motorized bicycle project thing going then add the boat part and any trades person will really, really enjoy sharing thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

When I go in to Grainger's, I bring my motorized bicycle in with me. Pretty much a crowd gathers, workers and customers and what ever I am trying to figure out, they come up with a part or concept.
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