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Default Re: How can you reduce the noise from pedaling?

I for one eliminated the tensioner and the majority of noise went with it, along with a good bit of drag. The bike pedals easier now with much less noise. If you can get away with it (if your bike frame doesn't interfere with the chain when you are not running a tensioner) I would suggest you give it a try. I don't run a master link either, but cracking a chain is no big deal really, at least the way I see it. (if you run a heavy duty chain that is hard to break I suggest you shorten the cheap kit chain to fit first which is very easy to break, then match the length you end up with on your heavy duty chain) The position of the back wheel on my bike is not adjustable, and I had just a bit too much slack in the chain after shortening it. I made a couple steel shims to put BETWEEN the MOTOR and the rear motor MOUNT (NOT between the motor mount and bike frame). 1/2 links are also available for chains if you would rather go that route. I only needed to use one of the shims to tighten the chain up, about 400 miles so far and I dont have any tension problems. I am MUCH happier with the way my bike rides, both with and without the motor, since I have eliminated that funky tensioner. If you can't/don't want to eliminate yours, you might try building a spring loaded tensioner, or try using a modified roller blade wheel in place of the plastic tensioner wheel...
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