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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yaaaaa payday

Went downtown and got the tank parts I needed. Cycle Salvage for the gas caps and Andy's Supply for the brass parts. I've been watching eBay for the caps but they might as well be made from gold, $50-60 for the caps + shipping . I found a chrome cap for the dummy cap and a black plastic vented one for the filler. I can run a vent tube over and into the headpipe.

Found a guy to rebuild the front wheel with the Sturmey Archer Drum Dyno hub. I'm having him try the 4 cross lacing first, I might not have to get new spokes that way. At a $1.50 per spoke x 36 that would be a pretty good savings.

Still need to order a hub sprocket, 3/4" dia shaft. It's ment to be an engine hub. I have an old 1" gokart axel that I'm taking the disk off of. Its held to the hub with 6 rivets, grind the rivet heads off and I have a disk to go on the hub This is for Scotto's disk break setup on a jackshaft. I've had a brake for minibikes/lawn tractors/gokarts for years. Pretty simple but effective.

It's all coming together

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