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Default Re: Motorized Bike BOAT


So, in short, I brought it out today with reinforced supports, and the metal frame bent out, and then the buckets snapped apart.

Soooo, I think I will make things easier and ditch the buckets idea. While it is a good idea, I just can't find a way to stick them together in a strong enough fashion. I have found a friend though that has ACTUAL pontoons in his back yard just sitting there made out of fiber glass. I'll have to repair them, but I think REAL pontoons would make my job a lot easier.

I didn't want to use wood, because wood just looks bad on a bike, but I may have to, since the metal rods just bend out of shape if there's too much torque placed on em.

For now, i'm grounded. If any of you try this in salt water, make sure to grease up a TON before hand. Make a really solid frame, and have reliable pontoons.

I will try again in a few days after I have aquired and fixed new pontoons.
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