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Default Food Containers & Motorbikes

I've seen some very innovative use of cans that food came in used here by our members. Fuel tanks, head and tail light housings, etc. I was snacking yesterday and opened a can of Underwood's Deviled Ham. Great stuff for a quick sandwich but I love it as a dip with potato chips.

When the can was empty I started to toss it in the trash then realized that it looked to be about the same diameter as the air cleaner on an HT carburetor. I washed the can and took it out to the garage and started to work. I don't know what the can is made of but it is mildly magnetec which makes me think it might be a stainless alloy. Whatever, it polished up like chrome and didn't take much work to adapt it and gave me a much better looking air cleaner.

I've also used rattle can paint tops for this but the little steel can looks better than the plastic ones. Maybe someone else can use the idea.

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