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Default Re: How can you reduce the noise from pedaling?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
It might help to describe what "that other loud thing" might sound like lol - but there's only so many things it could be... The chain could ofc be hitting somewhere, but I'll assume you've checked that. When mine makes excessive noise it's usually;

Scraping/dragging = clutch = adj cable or flower nut
Squeaking = actuator pin/bearing = dab o'grease
Rattling/ticking/popping = tensioner/idler = adj. chain tension

These are ofc guesses & may not match the sound but it's a start. If the engine drive chain is too tight it can cause excessive drag & noise, particularly over the idler/tensioner.

Some say rid yourself of the tensioner altogether, this is a valid option if your chainstays clear and you don't ride constantly - however some frames have interference issues and the tensioner/idler acts as a redirect as well as giving you the ability to quickly & easily perform maintenance, such as adjusting chain tension ofc - but it also can make it easier to remove the rear wheel to repair a flat or w/e, if you haven't a master link and/or don't wanna mess w/it on the side of the road

There's a buncha tensioner/idler alternatives here BTW:

This is some great advise! I really like how you gave your best advised with the limited information of the problem itself. :-)

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