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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

That's very generous of you!
I did some experimenting today with solder, trying both lead/tin with regular flux and antimony with it's own flux, in different areas of the tank. It's strange, but it started pretty well, flowing along a line and seemingly bonding well with the steel. Then it went poorly with the soldr refusing to flow. I suspect it may have had to do with too much heat. The steel is too demanding for my soldering iron as it is so thick, so I was using a propane torch and it is difficult to control the heat. What might be the right flame in the beginning becomes too much as the heat spreads through the metal.

I also knew there was a risk of the tank becoming hot enough to melt the solder at the bung and petcock, which proved true for the petcock. I had to re-solder it. Someone with a real touch for this might be able to pull it off. I suspect Tinsmith could do it, but I'm no Tinsmith.

So, tank sealer it is. I've thought about the braces blocking flow of gas from one section to another and if that happens, then it happens, but it may not. If it does, then the tank will hold less fuel, but still plenty as both bung and petcock are in the main central section. Norm, your offer is both timely and kind. I thank you sir.
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