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Default Re: Stepping out of the shadows..

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
I agree with this. Morini's do not come with a kit, everything has to be sourced and fabricated. Very little can be adapted fron the China kits to them. And with a nearly 10 horsepower motor like your thinking on motor mounts are critical.

The Chinese to Morini path is the same that I went down. After getting disgusted with the quality of the chinee motors and electronics I dumped all the stuff at a loss. I had poured a bunch of money into the aftermarket parts without going into the motor and maybe had the same power of the lowest HP Morini. Puch head, expansion chamber exhaust, billit intake, upgraded carb and ignition system. I even got the improved bolts from sick bike parts. It just wasn't worth it to me with all the other failings.

Now, that being said there are many who have gotten excellent service right from the box with a stock kit, don't get me wrong. Never do an upgrade at all and ride them for years with hardly any trouble at all. Almost seems a matter of luck to me though. Who knows, you could be one of the lucky ones
Bender/F Rod/Dave,
I understand the sense of caution that must be applied to dumping a bucket of $ into a project as a newbie, but I am not interested in going the path of dumping a truck full of money into a china girl only to have to upgrade to the real deal Holyfield. Therein lies my dilemma... But here's why:
I need a legit and reliable good girl by my side, to cruise me effortlessly and expediently throughout the hillsides of nor santa barbara co. I'd rather spend the
$$ upfront on all the best and take my time with her and get it right. Is that a foolish notion? Weigh in for me fellas...

Thanks for the legit input.
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