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Default Re: Stepping out of the shadows..

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
That's how it works; see...
You remember what you wanted when you were a kid.
Forgot about it for awhile.

You see someone with a motorized bicycle going down the street in your 40's.

Then you want one, then it just builds, and builds, you can't take it anymore, I need this! It's my dream, my new reason for living and being alive, you look around for a donor bike, then you finally do it, whip out your credit card and order a motor!

I then had a motorized bike for under 300 bux!
Bike- 50 bux
Motor delivered- 206 bux, including taxes, delivery charge.
Extra bolts, chemical goops, extra hardware, then, finally, gas & oil! Probably around $50.00

Plus of course, wear and tear on dremel bits and other hidden expenses.

Yeah, I've been there dude!
I feel you, though I'm only creeping up to near 30. Early midlife crisis, that's all. where might one happen upon this "donor bike" that you speak of? Is there a buy/sell/trade thread i'm missing here? If so, I'm hauling @$$ in that direction.
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