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Default Re: Pork & Beans Gas Tank

I'm trying to get some solder to seal up the little crease I made in the top of the can (with a can opener). The solder doesn't want to fill the hole?? When I heat up the can, the solder heats up, but then either pools up on the outside of the slit, or falls into the hole sending the liquid solder down to the bottom of the can. I'm obsessing a bit and should just use another can, but I consider this can an experiment anyway. Any thoughts....wrong solder?? Wrong flux?? From this thread, it looks like solder will stick to stainless steel (whatever the outside of the can is made of). Any thoughts....
I did use a couple of fat boy propane tanks epoxied and bondo'd together. Tank looks nice, except I think I'm gonna take the old fittings off each end to give it a finished look.
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