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Default Re: Super build falcon gts-r transformed

Thanks for the welcome Tom.And yes it rides great,really quick and strong.Better than i thought it would.Wasn't to sure how the build would be when i ordered the bike and kit.But after going through the forums I slowly realized how hard this build was going to be.It seems like motorizing 68 spokes and this falcon frame is kinda rare at least in the same build.So then i knew I couldn't bring such a build to life on my own.I brought the kit and bike to a local scooter repair shop.They loved the whole idea and had never really seen anything like it.They went through the parts and said it would take awhile to know how hard the build would be considering the size of the down tube on the falcon.It would made for a tricky mount.I then warned him that he would have problems with the rear hub one of the reasons I was there.Turns out one the guys in the shop was a machinist and fabricator on the side.I got lucky cause after weeks of trying to find a shop that could do something like this,i thought i wouldn't ever be able to bring it together.But this shop was perfect After a few weeks and a couple pay checks later there it is.I'm on my second tank after break in and must say they did a great job from the custom hub they made from aluminum to wielding mounts to the frame for the motor and tank.He said the mounts would be much sturdier then long clamps and look much better it feels like they took there time and put lots of thought in what they did.To anyone thinking about doing a build like this..good luck.If it wasn't for this forum and everyone sharing there builds i would've had some major headaches try to bring something like this together myself.So kids don't try this at home unless your a machinist and have a machine shop in your garage lol.Thanks again to everyone
posting on this site it helped a lot and I hope this helps anyone trying to go for a build like this.
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