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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Mopeds are cool. Motorcycles are cooler.
But when you ride,is the gas mileage and your destination more important than the sheer fun you are having maxing out your moped in front of a semi on your tail?
I like mopeds. Maybe some day I'll get one.
But a motorized bicycle is literally the fountain of youth.
I feel 14 again when I ride and not pedal so much.
I can take things slow. Forget the rat race.
This is about enjoying the scenery more than if your on a regular bicycle because most of your fun is in getting a pedal rhythm going so much that you don't see that the guy passing you said "hi" to you.
To me a moped is more transportation and gas savings than fun. Then when wintertime hits it goes and stays in the garage. Riding season is over.
Not me.
I just built me a trike.
Oh yea.
And when it comes to man laws,
Hands down.
Hands down.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.