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Default Re: Help, Sick of Not Having a Kickstand! Cant find one!

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post

My problems aren't with the legs on the kickstand. It's with the bolt that tightens it onto the frame. That one keeps getting loose, and vibrating. It's not loose all the way where it falls off. Just loose as in loosens up a bit, enough to vibrate and make an annoying sound.
I made a lower muffler mounting bracket that I secured to the kick stand, which adds some additional stability to mine, perhaps that is preventing this problem from happening on my bike? That said, like any other bolt on a bike with a motor, I would try some blue loctite on the kickstand bolt. The vibrations from the motor does a he11 of a job loosening nuts and bolts! Loctite usually solves this problem...
BTW, last year I rode the bike without a muffler mount bracket (or kickstand) and I must admit I am surprised how much difference having the muffler properly secured makes. At top speed I used to get some vibration and the motor would kind of cycle between solid pull and weak pull. This year it just remains solid and stable all the while....
Remember, loctite is your friend!

PS He11 is on the naughty word list, really?
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