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Default Re: Help, Sick of Not Having a Kickstand! Cant find one!

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
I got the same/similar kickstand for less from the other source. I don't think it's junk, I actually like it a lot. Mine is very solid, all steel except the screw in legs, which are thick aluminum. The source I linked to carries the "extra tall" version of this kickstand that might be needed on a 29" bike.
Before I had purchased mine a read a review that said they like the kickstand, but make sure you tighten down the legs before you ride, otherwise they might vibrate out and disappear on you. I decided to use some blue locktite on the threads to make sure this doesn't happen to me, so far so good... Good luck on your quest to find a kickstand....

My problems aren't with the legs on the kickstand. It's with the bolt that tightens it onto the frame. That one keeps getting loose, and vibrating. It's not loose all the way where it falls off. Just loose as in loosens up a bit, enough to vibrate and make an annoying sound.
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