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Default Re: Help, Sick of Not Having a Kickstand! Cant find one!

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
Don't know how you lived without one. Don't know how you couldn't find one, either.

Go to this web page. I have the one on the bottom (29.99). It's GARBAGE. That's my opinion, though. Get whatever you'd like..

kick stands
I got the same/similar kickstand for less from the other source. I don't think it's junk, I actually like it a lot. Mine is very solid, all steel except the screw in legs, which are thick aluminum. The source I linked to carries the "extra tall" version of this kickstand that might be needed on a 29" bike.
Before I had purchased mine a read a review that said they like the kickstand, but make sure you tighten down the legs before you ride, otherwise they might vibrate out and disappear on you. I decided to use some blue locktite on the threads to make sure this doesn't happen to me, so far so good... Good luck on your quest to find a kickstand....
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