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Default Re: Motorized Bike BOAT

Great ideas silverbear.
One of the things I want as a requirement for this project is that I am able to drive it on land to the water, then at the water adjust some bolts or ties to get the buckets close to the ground, then into the water. So far that is possible, and I'll have pics up of what I add on later, but I made the buckets a lot more stable last night by hooking them to eachother end to end, and they've got no more play so they wont buckle under pressure I think.

The rudamentary rudder right now is the front tire. I went out and bought some extra aluminum sheet so I can make one big rudder covering the entire front spoke area.

The problem with paddles being bigger, is they would hit against the side of the frame. Right now, the best I could do was make the paddles each 2 inches wide, and still have some space between those paddles and the frame. Any bigger and they would hit up against it.

My initial idea was to use PVC pipe as pontoons. Great minds think alike . I calculated the size and everything. At home depot they sell only 4 inch diameter, so I calculated I would need at least about 50 feet of it. Divided by 2 thats 25 feet on each side. 25 divided by two is 12.5 so if I double up it wouldn't be too bad. The only thing tho is PVC is so damn heavy actually. Buckets are BIG, 12 inch diameter, and they are light! Also, I didn't want to make the mistake of the Titanic so each bucket is isolated from the others. So if one breaks, the others still have a chance at floating. New buckets at homedepot are only 3 bucks, and they are water proof with the leak proof lid.

Haha, ya, I was thinking, would this be classified as a power assisted bicycle or a boat? maybe an amphibious power assisted bicycle. At the park close to my house motorcycles arent allowed, so anyway I have no idea if this would be. So far i've been fine.

I can't wait to go fishing lol
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