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Default Hello and Greetings..!!!

Hello to everyone first and foremost,i just became an official member of the forum,and i just want to say thanks to everyone for all the info that has been posted concerning these little engines its been a wealth of very useful information.....i have been tinkering with these engines on and off for about three years maybe four,and i tell ya just to add has taken me a lot of hours,burrs,and setting up to get this thing to break 40mph,a whole lot more than just slapping on a pipe and a gear,it could also be that im 6'3 and that's without a jack-shaft kit by the way....i thought it would be easy to reach 40mph the way everyone talks about their bike going 40mph,which now i am skeptical about when someones says there bike is going 40mph when the just slapped a pipe on.....well that just been my experience..i shall post some pictures of the (Wasp) what i call the as soon as i get my cable for my camera..once again thanks and hello to everyone.
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