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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

I'm a 2 wheeled vehicle fanatic I'll pro'lly get a moped too. But 1st I gotta build another motor bike, 4 stroke this time (maybe), and maybe another, then I've been wantin' to build a small displacement vintage race bike, I gotta replace the motorcycle (BMW GS1100) I sold this summer to help keep my wife in school (think I'll get the 1100S this time) and Oh wait I've always wanted a dirt bike to play around on.

You know it's funny, bicycle enthusiests are pretty mixed about us; I can understand that as they put a lot more physical effort into their riding and that's why they do it mostly. Motorcyclists are pretty mixed as well, most think they're cool but wouldn't have the cajones to stand apart from their m/cing buddies. But, really, someone who wants to go buy a moped giving us crap? Take a #! If after 72 posts you don't get it, your not gonna!

Oh and by the way, I use to repair scooters and mopeds (something my m/cing buddies gave me crap for). Rarely have I seen a moped w/ more than a couple thousand miles on the clock; they may be less finicky but they have no more longevity. Also they cannot be ridden w/o the motor i.e lotsa places they can't go that I can.

So go get a moped they can be really cool, but compliments to each other, they are completely different!

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