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Default Re: Work and back (then back to work)

Hey houseofreggae,

You've got 35 easy miles? Thats pretty much all the break in it needs. A good thing to do is to vary the revolutions from easy to more, and then back down. so like, start at 5 miles per hour, then go up to 20, then back down to five. But thats usually what you wanna do when you first turn on the engine.

I'm sure your fine. Just enjoy your ride. And like all things mechanical, the more you work them, the more stress they will have. So you could def climb the hill with motor alone, but if it's really bad, and maybe stressing the clutch, its no harm to pedal.

Welcome to the club! If your looking to put more money into your bike, Id recomend a shift kit. I got one from sickbikeparts. I'd have to say its the single best upgrade I did.
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