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Default Motorized Bike BOAT

Hey All.

I made my motorized bike a few months ago. Its a huasheng 4 stroke with a SPB shift kit.

I was at the beach on Monday and was thinking, heck, I want to get my bike in the water.

So I spent a few hours drawing up diagrams and doing some thinking, went to home depot, spent about 100$ on supplies, and got to work.
I use 5 gallon buckets as floats. I have 12 buckets which makes 60 gallons of floatation. Since each gallon weighs about 8.35 lb, thats 514 lbs of floatation.

I then cut out some steal sheet, and wedged them into the rear spokes as paddles.

I used pipe hanger 3/8 threaded rod and pipe holders for the frame, and a 1 1/2 inch PVC for support of the buckets.

In the picture you can see the buckets are held together with duct tape... bad idea. you can see the stress break in the second picture with my wife in it. NO she isn't too heavy... just my bike weighs about 100 lbs plus so thats just too much for duct tape. I came back home and am now using S hooks and mason line. 6 hooks to a bucket makes it pretty sturdy.

It got dark out too fast to test it again, but I'll have more pictures up later!

Oh ya, also, I'm going to fashion a tin shield to protect the engine/ air intake and to keep the water isolated to the rear wheel.

I realize I need to rinse down everything with fresh water as soon as I get out of the ocean, and then re-oil everything too. Anyone got any suggestions for a good grease? or does it matter?
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